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Project details:

  • Date:

     November 1, 2014

  • Client:

     Orion Partners

  • Task:

     Produce Infographic, executive summary, and complete report of research results.

  • Category:

     Print Design

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Orion_InfographicDocument_WEB  ulrich

We have worked with Pach Solutions for several years on the design of our on-line branding and web presence. When we published a new and complex piece of research I was delighted when they were able to help us with the formatting and presentation. They quickly came back with several ideas for how we could present a large amount of data in an easily digestible format. They produced full and executive summary versions of the report incorporating a distinctive set of graphics that really brought the subject to life. In addition they produced a simple infographic that summarised the main points of the research in a handy downloadable format and which has proved hugely popular. We have had a great deal of positive feedback about the report with many praising the way in which we have made a complex subject easy to understand. I thoroughly recommend Pach’s design team for their diligence, skills and deep grasp of the communication needs of a modern business.
Allan Boroughs
Allan Boroughs
Orion Partners